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Welcome to Kalalou

Kalalou was born out of the desire to celebrate and share the cuisine of the many cultures that make up Florida. With our Globally-Inspired Menu, we want to offer our patrons a dining experience and atmosphere where both locals who call Orlando home, and the many from all over the world who visit this amazing city, can experience the diverse flavors of the Americas.


An Innovative Concept with Fusion of Flavors

The name Kalalou, which also means 'Okra' in the English language, finds its roots first in West Africa. Okra can be found in dishes from Louisiana Creole to Southern dishes in South Carolina, all the way to the vibrant Caribbean and Latin America. Every plate is curated to offer flavors that celebrate those influences.

Kalalou Signature waitress with drinks

Live The Experience

Kalalou Signature is the perfect location for a special occasion. Book your table and make sure to have a guaranteed spot for your next visit.

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